Reviewing The Different Types Of Implants

Dentists and orthodontists, as well as their patients will be informed by two main types of dental implants. The dental implant dentist reviews titusville patients could be referred for are the endosteal dental implant and the subperiosteal dental implant. In the case of the endosteal dental implant, the implants will be placed in the jawbone. These implants are usually made from titanium. And these days, they are the most commonly used dental implant.

In the case of the subperiosteal dental implant, the dental implants are placed under the gum. But will be placed on or above the jawbone. This type of implant would be used for patients who simply do not have enough healthy and natural jawbone. Also, they may be in no physiological condition to accept a bone augmentation procedure to help build the bone. It could also be that they simply do not wish to go through the procedure.

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There could be any number of non-physiological reasons for this. It could be emotional or even financial. In any event, should the patient’s jawbone not be in a position to support the dental implants, there are other techniques that could be utilised to help rebuild the jawbone, help restore the natural jawline and provide a good foundation for teeth that need to be supported by new dental implants.

Amongst the techniques being used, the primary procedures would be the bone augmentation, sinus lift and ridge expansion. It should not be too much of a challenge for the presiding dental practitioner to select the most appropriate procedures first and foremost owing to the availability and ready use of 3D imaging, in which case the doctor is able to view a model impression of the patient’s oral and dental structures.